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Old barnThe Ranch is more than a financial asset, it will become a part of the history of your family and this state. Today, about 80% of all Texans live in cities, compared to about 25% fifty years ago. As Texas cities continue to grow, an increasing amount of natural habitats and scenic open spaces are being converted to housing and commercial development. In fact, according to the Dallas Morning News, “during the 1990s, Texas led the nation in converting raw land – prairie and forest, desert and coast – into shopping centers and houses, offices and factories.”

Old barnWith over 3,744 acres, Bosque Canyon Ranch would yield thousands of homes if developed traditionally. Even “Ranchette” communities would easily allow for over 1,000 homes. However, after careful study and analysis of various Development Plans, we believe that such economic opportunities come at too great a cost to our precious natural resources. While Bosque Canyon Ranch has a rich history, its legacy is in the hands of our generation, and we take this responsibility seriously. The families of Bosque Canyon Ranch have accepted and taken to heart the responsibility of preserving the Ranch in its natural state.

More than 90% of the Ranch land (the “Preserve Land”), is protected in perpetuity through a conservation easement that will prohibit further development. This Conservation Plan is the result of a comprehensive study of the Ranch’s natural and scenic resources. While recreational and traditional Ranching activities will be permitted in the Preserve Land, the Preserve Land portion of the Ranch is restricted from further development for residential or commercial use.

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