History of the BCR Brand

Early Spanish brands in Texas were more generally pictographs than letters. The Spaniards chose their brands to represent beautiful sentiments in beautiful ways. Traditionally, the father would compose a brand, and as children acquired their own cattle, curlicues or pendants would be added to the fathers brand, creating a family brand. Early Anglo-American ranchers were often unable to interpret the brands used by the Spanish, because of their unique designs. The Anglo-American ranchers would often refer to the Spanish brands as quien sabes, which means “who knows?.”

The Bosque Canyon Ranch brand is rooted in these early Spanish traditions. The design is a combination of elements intended to signify important natural aspects of the Ranch, such as deer, trees and canyons. This link to the heritage of the Ranch and to its natural elements is symbolic of our mission to protect, preserve and enhance the Ranchs rich heritage and habitat.